World Rhythm Synergy Assembly Performance

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world rythym synergy assemble performance
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Texarkana - TRAHC

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World Rhythm Synergy is a high-energy multicultural presentation that infuses explosive drumming with a meaningful lecture and group participation for up to 300 English-and Spanish-speaking students. Using percussion instruments from throughout the world, musician Dan Egger-Belandria demonstrates how Western culture evolved through drumming and dance traditions.

From Africa to the Caribbean; South, Central and North America, World Rhythm Synergy is a musical field trip that students can envision while learning history. Throughout this ethnomusicology journey, your students will have an opportunity to explore various African, Afro-Cuban, and Caribbean rhythms and folklore that help explain the connection between African-American history and Hispanic heritage.

The program - available in English and/or Spanish - will have them playing, dancing, even rapping while connecting to TEKS!